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2012 Season Preview with Coach Will Young...

How did the team report in terms of conditioning? The players reported in good shape…we have them basically year around now in the weight room and training so they are in pretty good shape. It takes a couple of days to get use to the humidity and heat but we are pleased with their conditioning.

What’s the biggest vacancy you need to fill offensively? Well obviously it would be at the quarterback position when you lose a 4 year starter and leader on the team. We have to find someone to step up on that side of the ball.

What do you think is strongest part of your team right now? It would be our team speed and our "skill" kids, from running backs to receivers and cornerbacks. We could have two of the best cornerbacks in the state and our running back and receiver corps are fast and talented.

With your first scrimmage about to take place, where do you feel you need to see biggest improvement? The first scrimmage is always about are you physical enough and we will have a good idea after scrimmaging Gaffney where we stand in terms of aggressiveness and showing physicality.

How do you plan to use the scrimmages and jamborees in preparing for the first regular season game? The scrimmages are where we are about to get a good deal of repetitions in and get some good playing time to help with our depth at positions. The jamborees are good for gameday preparation in terms of situations, help with flow of the game and atmosphere for the guys to get acclimated.

How do you see the Peach Blossom Conference in comparison talent wise to the Enoree River? I do not really get into all of that because bottom line is our mindset is it shouldn’t matter who we play because we should play at a high level and demonstrate our ability the best we can while out on the field for those 48 minutes.

The rival with Riverside returns after a couple of years of not playing…talk about playing the Warriors again. We both had some scheduling issues a couple of years and just were not able to get it worked out to play. Obviously it is a good rivalry matchup for the town and I think we need to play them every year.

Have you had any coaching changes this year? Yeah, we hired Colby Peeler, who previous coached at Broome, as our running back coach and doing a really good job with the players. Chas Crenshaw has left to be an Assistant Athletic Director and Justin Ludley was hired as Assistant Principal at Southside.

Any new rule changes from the State High School League for this season? Yes, if a player’s helmet comes off during a play then that player must come out of the game for one play before he can return and as you know we sometimes have trouble with our player’s helmets coming off and so we are making sure to stress this rule change to our players. Also, on onside kicks this year, the kicking team cannot make any contact with the receiving team until the football has gone 10 yards.

We want to thank Coach Young for taking a few minutes to talk with us during this extremely busy time for him. Hope all of you Yellow Jacket fans will come out every Friday night and cheer on the these young men that work year around!! Season kicks off August 24th at Dooley Field against Seneca.

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