On the Sidelines with Worm!

2010: Let's Get It On!!!

Greetings Yellow Jacket fans. What an exciting year this is going to be for the 2010 Greer football team. With new faces on the staff, and many returning players on the field this year, it should be a very interesting season.

One big factor in this yearís team is the return of former Yellow Jacket, Mazzie Drummond. Mazzie was one of the most successful QBís to ever put on a Greer uniform. After seeing some of the 7 on 7 scrimmages and watching pre-season practices, Mazzie brings a great enthusiasm and excitement to the defensive secondary. Mazzie knows what the Greer High swagger is all about. After last season, we really need that. I look forward to talking with Mazzie during the season.

After a solid sophomore season, QB Reese Hannon should come back bigger, stronger and faster this year. Reese is also being pushed by 10th grader, Taylor Lamb, who has had a solid pre-season. Itís good to know that we have two very capable quarterbacks to run the offense. Not only are they talented, but both are outstanding young men off the field.
One big question is how is our defensive secondary going to be this year? After last season, there is major room for improvement. Once again, Coach Drummond should have the young men playing better, with more confidence. We will definitely be more athletic and faster. Coach Perry says the defense is looking pretty solid so far in the pre-season.
Coach Young seems pretty pumped about this yearís team. While talking with him I can sense some excitement in his voice. He says this team has worked harder this summer than any team he has had before. One concern he has is the kicking game, as our returning kicker moved out of town. As we all know, the kicking game is 1/3rd of the game. May be something to keep an eye on this season.

As Iím sure you all are, I am very excited to get this season cranked up. The Yellow Jacket Sports Network is raring and ready to go. Rob, Satch, Holtz, Red and myself are super excited to bring you all the action. LETíS GET IT ON!!

Another Classic!

Well, what can you say? Another classic Greer vs. Greenville game. With all the hype going into this game this was another one for the ages. If you paid $5 to attend it Friday night it was money well spent. Shoot, it was so good some people might have paid $5 more when they left. I think everyone can truly say both teams left it all on the field.
I wanted to give the Greenville kids credit for playing a great football game and playing it with class. Matthew Roberts, what a competitor! He kept getting knocked on his tail but got right back up only to keep battling. During the coin toss I noticed Phil. 4:13 on his eye black stickers. That is one kid who truly practiced what he preached Friday night.
How about Greer freshman center Josh Rumsey Starting his first game ever, subbing for injured senior Andrew Yarborough, the young freshman came through with flying colors. There was a lot of pressure on him having to shotgun snap, block bigger, stronger lineman, but he was definately up to the task. You got to give that young man a lot of credit.
What can you say about the play of Brian Bustamante and Dennis Kiff? Two young men who are outsized, but play with tremendous heart and use their quickness to get to the quarterback.
There is nothing better than Friday night football when the Jackets are on the field. What a priviledge it is to be a part of the Yellowjacket Sports Network and to be able to walk the sideline and experience high school football at it's finest!


There is an excitement in the air around Greer High Football leading up to the 2008 football season. I have seen some renewed enthusiasm with coaches and players so far this pre-season. Coach Young and his staff are really excited about this year's team. You can hear it in his voice and see it in his eye's when talking to him. Some of the young players have grown up a bit since last year, Coach Perry has come back to Greer as defensive coordinator,and Coach Young has been able to move back to the offensive line where he excels. The feeling of excitement is welcomed.
We still have a lot of young guys playing this year but they will be more experienced. Let's face it! Last year a lot of our kids looked like a deer in headlights most of the time. They had never been in that situation before and it showed. These kids now know what it is like putting on the "G" and walking out to "2001". They now know what it means to be a Jacket. They're still young but you should see some more experience than last year.
I have been able to attend some practices this pre-season and one thing I notice this year as opposed to last is LEADERSHIP. You have some senior leaders on this year's team that have shown leadership, be it vocally or by example. Some of the names that come to mind are Desmond Parks, Andrew Yarborough, Thomas Simmons, Tymeco Gregory, the Holliday boys and others that I know I am forgetting. I think this is the single most important thing that this team needs. LEADERSHIP!!! We need for some of these seniors to step on the field and put this team on their back and REFUSE TO LOSE FOOTBALL GAMES!
So with all this said it looks like this year's team should be a more improved team than last year. I think you will see more leadership and enthusiasm. More importantly I think you will that "swagger" back at Dooley Field. When opposing teams come to our house or we step on the field in their's, they know that it is "SWARM AND STING" time!
I will do my best to bring you the inside scoop from down on the sidelines this season. It should be fun! Go Jackets!

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